Bug 1203261

Summary: [Build 272.2] openQA test fails in yast2_control_center - incorrect expectation of ports 15.5 update repo
Product: [openSUSE] openSUSE Distribution Reporter: Lubos Kocman <lubos.kocman>
Component: YaST2Assignee: E-mail List <yast2-maintainers>
Status: NEW --- QA Contact: Jiri Srain <jsrain>
Severity: Normal    
Priority: P5 - None CC: lslezak, lubos.kocman
Version: Leap 15.5Flags: mfilka: needinfo? (lubos.kocman)
Target Milestone: ---   
Hardware: aarch64   
OS: Other   
URL: https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/2626739/modules/yast2_control_center/steps/45
Found By: openQA Services Priority:
Business Priority: Blocker: Yes
Marketing QA Status: --- IT Deployment: ---

Description Lubos Kocman 2022-09-08 15:56:11 UTC
## Observation

ports 15.5 update repo is not expected to exist at all as we've dropped in 15.3 while we've started to build leap for all arches in single repo (exception for armv7)

test/yast fails on repo being missing

openQA test in scenario opensuse-15.5-DVD-aarch64-yast2_gui@aarch64 fails in

## Test suite description
Maintainer: qsf-y

Test for yast2 UI, GUI only. Running on created gnome images which provides both text console for ncurses UI tests as well as the gnome environment for the GUI tests.

Temporarily added YAST2_GUI_TERMINATE_PREVIOUS_INSTANCES to see if helps. This variable triggers code which terminates all yast2 processes before starting new one. (see poo#26104).

## Reproducible

Fails since (at least) Build [257.1](https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/2525349)

## Expected result

Last good: (unknown) (or more recent)

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/latest?arch=aarch64&distri=opensuse&flavor=DVD&machine=aarch64&test=yast2_gui&version=15.5)
Comment 1 Michal Filka 2022-09-19 07:50:07 UTC
Do you want to think of priority? AFAIK developers are not allowed to set priorities and with P5 I doubt it will get an attention any time soon.
Comment 2 Michal Filka 2022-10-03 07:11:22 UTC
is it one liner or something more complex from yast's POV?
Comment 3 Ladislav Slezák 2022-11-08 09:26:49 UTC
This is related to a special processing of the repositories in the control.xml on ARM.

It runs:

  sed -i -e "s,http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/,http://download.opensuse.org/ports/update/leap/," ...

See https://github.com/yast/skelcd-control-openSUSE/blob/b72dee43c02c99dc13ae06fd48e2529257f147c3/package/skelcd-control-openSUSE.spec#L168

The question is what is the correct behavior? Should we keep the http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap URL untouched? (I.e. remove that sed command?) Or do we need to change the URL in a different way?

Comment 4 Stefan Hundhammer 2022-12-07 14:27:09 UTC
Lubos, this is waiting for feedback from you. See previous comment.
Comment 5 Stefan Hundhammer 2023-01-24 11:57:09 UTC
Lubos, this is still waiting for your feedback.